Sunday, June 28, 2009

Andros Pressed Pineapple Juice

With all these soft drinks available for the consumer to choose from and marketing campaigns supported by relatively high budgets, the niche of natural juices may have some difficulties to achieve a noticeable position.
Nevertheless in the later years there has been a more conscious approach of the consumer and natural products have conquered some territory.
Of course that I also buy soft drinks, but I do prefer the natural juices.
When looking at the price tag, usually the consumer's first reaction is : this is much more expensive than a soft drink. However if one thinks that when buying a soft drink you are buying something like 10 to 20 per cent of concentrated juice and the rest is water and chemicals, considering the health benefits of drinking a natural juice, which one is more expensive ?Although I don't buy their juices that often, namely because I know a more affordable brand here in Portugal, yesterday I've decided to try the Andros Pressed Pineapple Juice ( Andros Jus d'Ananas Pressés).
This is an almost 100% natural pasteurized juice (I say almost because it contains pectin and gellan gum) made from pressed pineapples.
You can expect a very pleasant taste, almost identical as if you had pressed the pineapples yourself.


  1. This is a juice we also enjoy, especially my husband...a bit too sweet for me, but it definitely tastes like pineapple and a GLASS bottle, of course(or is it the orange juice that is in a glass I'm not sure!!

  2. Hi Ronell,

    This one comes in a plastic bottle.
    Must be one of those poly something.
    I don't know if the fact of existing plastic and glass bottles has to do with the kind of juice (of course that glass would suit all, I believe), or they're starting to change to plastic.
    Thanks for visiting and writing.

  3. Where can you buy Andros juice in the US? Any available online vendors? The official website isn't very helpful.

  4. Hi William,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Indeed their contact options are not that useful.
    I've done a search and found the adress and phone numbers.
    You don't have any e-mail on your profile, but you can check mine and send me an e-mail.
    I'm from Lisbon, so here in Portugal we mainly hear about Walmart, but I guess that you also have a chain called World Market, right ?

    Kind regards,