Monday, June 8, 2009

LU PiM's - Orange Flavour

We all know that the combination of chocolate and orange is one of the most appreciated ones.
Knowing this fact, LU (a Kraft Foods subsidiary) has come up a few years ago with a line of soft biscuits covered with a top layer of dark chocolate and a tangy orange fillng.
I've known these for years and I can tell you that they are one of my favourite choices in terms of cookies, or biscuits if you prefer to call.
The most worth mentioning fact is the well achieved balanced between all the ingredients, making of Lu PiM's a pleasant degustation experience.
Soon I will review the raspberry flavour, which I bought yesterday.


  1. These sound tasty! I used to give my daughters LU biscuits when they were little babies- to teeth on! They loved them!

  2. These cookies are very good

  3. Yum! Orange and choc flavours together are definitely one of my favourites!!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog today and taking the time to leave a comment. We really appreciate it! :)

    Kristina and Bruno

  4. Yes but are they jaffa cakes?

    Sincerely Dave!yognaught