Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emmi Swiss Yogurt (Mango Flavour)

When I was a kid I didn't like yogurts that much because they were quite sour and I guess that many kids didn't either.
Then manufacturers started adding more sugar (too much in my opinion) and other "strange Exxx things". Now kids like them better and yogurts have a more prolonged shelf life.
Nevertheless I suppose that we lost in terms of quality.
I've always preferred yogurt in jars, namely because it gives a healthier impression (ok, it's psychological) and well, because usually they're really better.
This Emmi brand seems to have some care with its products and I could confirm it with this yogurt.
The Emmi Swiss Yogurt is available in several flavours, depending upon the country where is sold, like for insteance UK and Germany.
I usually buy yogurts with bits of fruit, but this time I've decided differently and picked the mango flavour one.
With a creamy aspect and a very pleasant taste, this yogurt was a pleasant surprise.
If you like yogurt and haven't tried this one, give it a try and then tell me.


  1. Yogurt in a jar seems really nice! I've never seen it in a jar here in the US.

  2. What a great blog! Yum, I look forward to looking around here, as I always love to try some new and unique food!