Friday, March 5, 2010

Grove Fresh - Apple & Mango Organic Fruit Juice (Grove Organic Fruit Company)

Recently I saw a brand of organic fruit juice that I haven't seen before here in Portugal.
Since I like things as natural as possible, especially what I eat and drink, the product deserved my attention.
The apple and mango mix seemed a good combination and after skimming through the ingredients' list (94% of pure organic apple juice and 6% organic mango puree), I thought that it might be a good idea to give it a try.
Usually apple juices tend to be too sweet for some people and the mango balances that quite well, besides handing its characteristic flavour.
That is for me one of the most relevant facst of this organic fruit juice.
Although pleasant and certainly deserving a positive note, I feel that something is missing and in my opinion what is missing a more fruity taste.
I believe that this is something that Grove Organic Fruit Co (Grove Fresh) and most companies of its kind would have some difficult to improve because fruit nowadays, even organic, doesn't taste as it used to, namely due to the use of green-houses and lack of enough sunlight for a good photosynthesis.
However I suppose that the orchards from which the apples are picked for this juice are not in green houses and catch natural light, so maybe the region where they're from is not as good for fruit as lets say a mediterranean or tropical one.
Nonetheless I can advise you to try this juice, not only for its good taste, but also because it's an organic juice.
One positive thing that I must mention is that the contacts are easily available, something that transmits that they care about their customers' opinions.
Carrying the Soil Association logo on its pack (the brand displays it since 1993), this apple and mango juice is made by Grove Fresh Ltd, UK.
Please note that the juice reviewed in this article is part of the rebranded Grove Fresh, now Grove Organic Fruit Company.
Nonetheless the only difference that I've noticed is the percentage of the mix (the one on the website has 91.5% apple juice and 8.5% mango puree.
A case study about this company founded in 1994 by John Taylor, can be read here.

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