Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alvalle Zumo de Tomate (Tomato Juice)

I've always enjoyed tomato juice and it has been one of the few kind of juices that one can find without too many "strange stuff" added.
This tomato juice from Alvalle is proposed in a 750ml cardboard packing featuring an attractive layout.
According to the maker, the juice is made with fresh tomatos (95%), extra-virgin olive oil (1.8%), lemon juice and salt.
As you can see, the ingredients are as good as one can ask for, although I like the tomato juice with a bit of pepper, but lets taste it: this tomato juice has a lighter colour that the ones that I'm used to, which I believe means more quantity of tomato than usual, something manifested by it's thickness.
Its flavour is not what I expected, since for my taste it lacks a "je ne sais quois" to make savoury (maybe a bit of pepper) and besides I had the impression that a slight taste of cardboad was noticeable.
I believe that Tropicana Alvalle S.L. has elaborated this tomato juice with the best intention to bring a good natural product to the consumer and although I didn't appreciate it (especially for the supposed cardboard taste), I cannot suggest to avoid it due to the quality of its ingredients.
Maybe they should use different agricultural procedures and develope better fruits.
Having your opinion about this juice would be very important to the readers of this blog.

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