Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jacques Callebaut - Panaché

Using a knight as its visual key, the belgian Jacques Chocolaterie was founded by Antoine Jacques in 1896.
Later in 1982, Stollwerck acquired Jacques Chocolaterie and in 2002 Stollwerck was acquired by Barry Callebaut.
Finally in 2005 the brands Callebaut and Jacques were merged, originating the Jacques Callebaut brand.
Yes, it does seem complicated, but lets talk about what really matters: chocolate.
Now, the first thing that got my attention was the box showing chocolate bars with raisins and some orange peal by the side, it seemed a good combination.
I picked up the chocolate box, turned it around, read the ingredients and that it was made in Belgium, which for me is a plus, of course.
The orange flavoured chocolate covering the bars is good and the rumflavoured filling with its raisins is of a very pleasant consistency and a really well achieved taste.
Maybe a bit too sweet for some, I found this Panaché version to be a really good surprise.

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