Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Milka Crispy Snax: Cornflakes and Raisins

I went to the supermarket and while there, I felt like buying something sweet. However, I wanted something different and that was when I saw these small packs of Milka Crispy Snax. There were two kinds available and I decided for the Cornflakes & Raisins one. I can't remember what kind was the other one.

I got home, did some stuff and had dinner.
Still at the table, I opened the package to try one or two.
Well, let me put it this way: I had to close the bag before they were all gone.

Imagine the Toffee Crisp chocolate - I never saw that one again here in Portugal and don't know if it's still available. Now imagine it in chunks plus raisins.
Sounds good ? Well, it tastes even better.

Of course that there are differences because we're talking about different brands of chocolates, but I guess that this gives you an idea about how the Milka Crispy Snax Cornflakes & Raisins tastes and about its texture.

Without a doubt, this one gets my seal of approval.