Sunday, November 13, 2011

Border Coconut Biscuits with Milk Chocolate

I like to eat pretty much anything, but if there's something that I don't quite appreciate is coconut. A few of the only things that I like related to coconut are the coconut scent on the beach or soap. When I was a small kid I really enjoyed these coconut taste cigarrets - you know how kids are with cigarrets.

But when I saw these biscuits at the supermarket, I liked their aspect and thought that if the coconut part was not too influent on the taste, maybe a mix of chocolate and coconut could work well for my personal taste, moreover they had a really good sort of homemade aspect. So I decided to give them a try.

The coconut taste is not too pronnounced and has a good crunchy feeling. As for the chocolate, it has a good flavour and is added in good measure as not to make the biscuit too sweet.

My conclusion is of a well balanced combination between coconut and chocolate with a pleasant crushing sensation that will almost for sure get really positive reviews by coconut appreciators with a sweet tooth.
The Border milk chocolate coconut biscuits are baked in Scotland.

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  1. Wow, Jose! How many blogs do you write? =)
    I happen to have a sweet tooth, and those chocolate coconut biscuits look pretty good.