Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wild Strawberries Yogurt by Swiss Delice

I know the Swiss Delice brand for some time now and although not one of the most accessible ones in the genre, once in a while I buy their products.
Made in switzerland and without (at least it's not mentioned) those E aditives, I believe that it's a healthy option.
But lets talk about the Wild Strawberries flavour from their "Excellence" line.
The eventual difference between the strawberries that one buys at the supermarket or at the local grocery and the wild ones got me curious and I thought that it might be something that the readers of this blog would like to know about.
I have to say that from the strawberries preparation of 19%, only 6.5% are wild strawberries, while 5.5% are the other ones. It has a 75% of cream yogurt.
If you add 75% plus 19% it doesn't sum 100%, but don't ask me what's missing.
Now it's time to write if I liked it or not.
The answer cannot be positive, since I found the taste a bit artificial, although the ingredients are natural. It has a kind of a chewing gum taste that I didn't like.
Maybe wild strawberries are just like that.
Of course that I'm not going to advise you on buying this flavour or not, since it's the first time that I've tasted it and cannot compare with others.
In the future I'll review other products and flavours from Swiss Delice since it continues to deserve my trust and I like other products that they have.
If you have tried this flavour, let us know your opinion.

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