Monday, June 11, 2012

Milka & Oreo Chocolate Bar

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new Milka chocolate and had the intention of writing a review about it. But I ate it all before taking the photo, so maybe in another time.

However today - Monday is the shopping day for me since I get 5% discount - I bought the new Milka & Oreo chocolate bar.

The chocolate per se is like the other milk chocolates, so....nothing new on this department.
But lets see how the Milka and Oreo combination works. The outside is Milka chocolate and the filling is composed by Oreo cream and crunchy bits of Oreo cookie. If my memory doesn't fail me, since I seldom buy Oreo cookies, the bits are more crunchy than the cookies.

Now for the veridict.
From the experience that I have, it seems that Milka is careful about its combinations and rare were the occasions where I wasn't positively suprised. This one confirms it, offering a soft combination provided by the chocolate and the cream, together with the crunchy flavour (how do you like this one ?) of the cookie bits.
Although it's not something out of this world, I have no problems in recomending it.

P.S. Sorry for the lousy photo, but it was taken with my cell phone.
        I promise to take a better one if you buy me a chocolate :-)

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