Monday, February 7, 2011

Copa Natural Juices by Frubaça

Influenced by its XII century Monastary, the portuguese region of Alcobaça is known for its tradition in pastries and orchards.

Developed by Frubaça agricultural cooperative and recurring to the High Pressure Processing (HPP), the Copa juices retain the taste and freshness of their 100% natural ingredients.
The juices are available in several tastes, including some combinations, such as: apple; orange; apple and orange; apple and strawberry; apple and pineapple.

From all the brands that I've tried until today, this is the one that approximates the most of a freshly squeezed natural juice - and I'm not seeing you squeezing an apple.

Its price is of course higher than those from most soft drinks or juices made from concentrate, but its taste and benefits for your health make it worth the expense.
The Copa juices are sold in several supermarkets in 750ml plastic bottles, without a set price, so you better look where it's cheaper.

My opinion about these natural juices is as positive as it can be, moreover they even carry the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation logo.

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