Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anthon Berg Strawberry in Champagne

I could start by saying that marzipan is not one of my favourite things, but years ago I bumped into this box that had written "Strawberry in Champagne" and I thought: mmmm this must be good. Moreover it got chocolate, which is obviously a plus.

Maybe the marzipan wasn't that much, I thought, and decided to give it a try. Afterall a product from Danmark and from a company establish in 1884 and still going on could not be bad.

First bite: the chocolate is good and the combination of the strawberry (11%) with the champagne (2%) contributes to enhance the taste. The marzipan taste (10% of almonds) is noticeable, which is a good thing for its appreciators, while for those like me who don't like it much is greatly compensated by the other elements.

The chocolate and marzipan count for 38% and the filling counts for 30%, the rest goes for the usual ingredients in these kind of products.

The fact that the brand has been appointed as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court confirms its quality, evident in these Anthon Berg Strawberry in Champagne from their Fruit & Marzipan line.
My opinion is obviously positive.