Monday, May 17, 2010

Andechser Natur Mango-Vanilla Bio Yogurt

Usually organic products are considerably more expensive and therefore I seldom buy organic or also called bio yogurts.
However from what I've seen, the german products are not as expensive, namely yougurts.
So, I've decide to try some from from a company named Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH, afterall it was established in 1908 and if it still exists it must mean something.
I've tried a few flavours, including a stracciatella one that I found quite good.
But the one that really came up as the most positive surprise was the mango-vanilla one (mango-vanille in german).
This organic yougurt features the flavours of mango and vanilla in the correct quantities and its consistency is quite pleasant.
Besides the obvious ingredients, this bio yogurt contains L-type lactic acid and raw sugar (which I prefer to sweetners) It's also glutenfree.
If you like yogurts, I trully advise you to try this brand, especially the "Mango-Vanille".

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  1. I've never seen this... I'll have to look for it. Mango-Vanilla sounds wonderful!