Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jardin Bio Hybiscus Lemon Tea

After trying the infusion of red vine (vitis vinifera) with natural aroma of red fruits, from biological agriculture, I've decided to try the hybiscus lemon tea from Jardin Bio (part of the Léa Nature group).
This green tea from bio agriculture contains hybiscus flower, lemon peel and lemon natural aroma and is picked at the Venture plantation, situated 1000 meters height in the region of Dimbula, Sri Lanka.
With a light pinkish colour, it's a tea with a light body and suitable to drink on its on, or with a quick snack.
The lemon notes are pleasant and although I haven't gone into a garden before to eat hybiscus flowers, I will give this tea a positive note.
Carrying the Max Havelaar logo, this tea is part of the line of Jardin Bio Équitable, respecting the environment and contributing to fairtrade commerce and solidarity.
In the case of the Ventura plantation, exists a model of social development that includes kindergartens, professional improvement and house construction.

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